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Published by Healing Oasis:

Cover of Refreshing Vision Book

Refreshing Vision: Opening the Windows of the Soul

My book gives you dozens of my favorite activities that stimulate specific visual abilities.

You can purchase and review the print book here.

I will be glad to give you a free copy of the ebook, too.

Once you have the book in hand, let's talk about how you can best apply it for your particular needs...

"Nothing Is Impossible"

"I have found that with God's help and working with Dr. Swartwout, nothing is impossible," writes Rick Kobayashi, a student athlete from Hilo, Hawai'i.

"Dr. Swartwout's thoroughness as a researcher is unquestionable."

Dr. Jacob Liberman, Author of Light: Medicine of the Future

Crossed Eyes

“Thank you so much for such a loving healing session and an open heart with a welcoming spirit.

Thank you for your time, for your kind attentiveness and all the expertise and knowledge you've shared with us.

Both you and Rae are such an encouragement and an inspiration our family really needed.

Thank you for being who you are, it's such a gift :)

We are already seeing slight improvements in Maya's [crossed] eyes which is very exciting.

We are all detoxing and rebalancing, taking the meds, improving our focus and our communication.

Making a lot of big decisions too.

It's been great and it's also been very stressful this week.

But we're getting clarity through it all and that's what we've been seeking and asking for.”


From a Mentor

"His presence, intellect and positive, yet open manner was always exemplary...

It is my pleasure to recommend Glen Swartwout without reservation."

Dr. Harry Wachs, Author of Thinking Goes to School

"Immediate Results"

"There is no question in my mind that the profound cessation of 'negative' symptoms I had been experiencing was due to your healing....

It was quite amazing to see how after a few years of searching for some answers, I obtained such immediate results from you."

Dixie in Colorado

News From Our Blog

Each of us sees the Unseen in proportion to the clarity of our heart, and that depends upon how much we have polished it.

Whoever has polished it more sees more - more Unseen forms become manifest.
- Rumi

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"Accurate Nutritional Support"

“You have provided the most accurate nutritional support at the most crucial times to help our family recover from ciguatera poisoning.

Also to guide Clifford in successfully removing high levels of mercury from his system.

We called on your expertise again for our friend, Jamey, who had chronic issues with constipation and needed help recovering from multiple injuries resulting from a 30 foot fall.

His recovery was miraculous and you both were a part of that miracle of healing.

Most recently when Clifford was diagnosed with a large meningioma brain tumor you both provided invaluable guidance to prepare him pre-op and recover post- op very successfully.

We are so comforted and blessed knowing you are always there in our times of need and the divine guidance you receive and pass on is invaluable!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

The Chows