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Refreshing Vision:
Opening the Windows of the Soul

by Glen Swartwout, A.B., B.D., O.D., N.D., F.I.C.A.N., F.C.S.O.

Take a moment to reflect on your experience right now… How much of your awareness is visual?

We humans are visual beings.  Light to us is a lot like water to a fish.  We don’t often give it much thought unless we lose it.

Because vision permeates our lives, it has many layers of meaning.  When we understand, we say “I see.”

We can even see into the future to a degree.  We call it foresight, or visionary.

I invite you to join me on a journey into the farthest reaches of light and vision in your life.

That journey starts like every adventure.  Here and now.

When I ask you to notice your vision, do you see how much more you can become aware of?

By bringing conscious awareness to your inner processes of vision, you activate their meaningful spiritual functions in your soul.

Prepare your mind to participate fully in your exciting adventure… and open your mind fully for the transformative conclusion you will write in your real life.

See you,

Rev. Dr. Glen


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